Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Girl Time

With C and P both in school full time since September...this Fall has been (and I feel a little guilty saying this) refreshing with just us girls. K goes to school all day Tuesday and Thursday but we have Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for playdates, zoo trips, picnics etc. Of course I have to try and do 700 loads of laundry and near constant cleaning to keep the house habitable and P has had at least one medical appt. in Manhattan a week...but truly I've spent more time with K and M than I did all summer when my attention was divided by four.

Of a mom of many...I feel embarrassed to admit that . I feel like people with fewer children might make the judgement that I can't possibly give all of them the attention they need. I do feel like they all deserve as much attention as C got as a baby when he was the one and only... but I'm happy that he has siblings and I love having four kids. My goal is to spend some meaningful time with each of them every day.

I digress...our schedule last year really didn't allow much time for K to have playdates. In the past couple of weeks we've met up with some of her new friends from school and had such a NICE time. It is heartening to see how much she has grown, the conversations she can have, the way she can share and play creatively. We've made multiple trips to the zoo and it never gets boring. K has developed a love of snakes and owls. She noted that the meerkats stand up "like we do" yesterday. K is developing into quite a fun little person and I like hanging out with her.

I can't say that M has a favorite animal yet but she is happy to come along for the ride wherever we go. She mostly loves it when I get down on the floor with her and watch whatever she does adoringly.

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Christy said...

Are any of us able to give them the attention they need? I doubt it! :)