Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blue Bell Wood

Before the recent late Spring surprise cold weather...the little girls and I explored the Brooklyn Botanical Garden while the guys were participating in the City Farmer program. The Blue Bell Wood was in its full glory! I hope we will be back in short sleeves again soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Trip to the Beach Goes Awry

It was in the high 80s yesterday and after a busy day playing baseball (should be another post) on Saturday, church in the morning, playing in the park in the afternoon...we decided to finish the weekend with a picnic dinner at the beach.

I made pesto pasta chicken salad and Mark made fruit salad and we drove 25 minutes to Jacob Riis national recreation area. We were expecting thunderstorms but the sun was peeking out now and then and the beach was almost empty and beautiful. The kids got wet and sandy despite us begging them not to....we enjoyed our delicious picnic and took a few pics. It was chilly at the beach and we started back to the car at 6:30 or so.

The kids were all running on the pavement and M fell down and started crying. A quick assessment and we realized she was fine and we continued on...for about 1 more second when C fell down on his face and jumped up screaming. Blood was pouring out. We calmed him down and held paper towels to the wound until it stopped bleeding a little. We could then see that a visit to the ER was a definite.

Mark dropped us off at the ER around 7:15 and we waited and waited, watched TV and waited, saw one dr. who got another dr....they decided that the plastic surgeon should be called. 45 minutes later the plastic surgeon showed up...cut off a partof dead skin...stitched up the wound with 14 tiny stitchen and were ready to go at 11 p.m. C was very patient and barely cried after the accident first happened. We've been to the ER for 7x in 9 years of parenting. 3x have been for facial wounds. This one was the worst. The patient is doing better today.