Monday, February 16, 2009

Almost Finally Crawling

Baby M seems very strong and rolled over around 4 months but she is by far the slowest to crawl and she still doesn't really sit up unassisted. She has been rocking on her hands and knees for weeks...if not months and does get around the house by doing a combination of rolling around and pulling herself along on her belly. It is pretty funny to watch. I don't mind her reluctance to go mobile at all! I wish time would slow down so I could enjoy her babyhood a bit more.

I am nervous that after all this procrastinating...she'll just jump up and start walking one of these days. How is it possible that she is almost 11 months?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Windy Wall Street!

I am a junior member of a committee that is applying to bring a charter school to our neighborhood. The proposed school would have a focus on environmental science and would open in 2010. The committee is currently working on a 500 page charter application that is due in mid-June. I am in way over my head and think of myself as support staff. To that end...M and I dropped K off at nursery school and then set off for Manhattan and the NYC Charter Center.

It was so windy in lower Manhattan that I was afraid the stroller would get away from me. Our destination was at 111 Broadway in a building that I have always wanted to go into... right next to Trinity Church. I worked in near there before my current occupation and frequently walked by. The lobby did not disappoint...ornate elevators, old-fashioned lighting...

It was weird to be in an office! I felt out of place. M wasn't as cooperative as I had hoped so I printed and copied as much as I could of two previously approved charter applications as fast as I could. Everyone was very nice and I had asked in advance if I could bring M but I think they were a little relieved when I took my squealing girl back out the door.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Homework Blues

For some takes C about 17 hours to do his homework. I've tried leaving him to do it himself so he won't be distracted. It doesn't make him work any faster. I usually sit right there with him so that I'll be ready to help...if he needs it. He doesn't need any help though! He needs someone to tell him every 5 seconds to keep working on it...and not to fidget, talk to himself, look at his pencil, look out the window, run around the room, talk to anyone else etc. I took these pics one day when it took C, 1 hour and 45 minutes to do about 30 minutes worth of homework. Sometimes I resort to begging him to just focus and finish. I point out that all his playtime is being wasted but it doesn't seem to help.

I know that I shouldn't compare my sons...but I'm pretty happy that P comes home, sits down and completes his homework before I even realize that he's working on it.