Thursday, February 12, 2009

Windy Wall Street!

I am a junior member of a committee that is applying to bring a charter school to our neighborhood. The proposed school would have a focus on environmental science and would open in 2010. The committee is currently working on a 500 page charter application that is due in mid-June. I am in way over my head and think of myself as support staff. To that end...M and I dropped K off at nursery school and then set off for Manhattan and the NYC Charter Center.

It was so windy in lower Manhattan that I was afraid the stroller would get away from me. Our destination was at 111 Broadway in a building that I have always wanted to go into... right next to Trinity Church. I worked in near there before my current occupation and frequently walked by. The lobby did not disappoint...ornate elevators, old-fashioned lighting...

It was weird to be in an office! I felt out of place. M wasn't as cooperative as I had hoped so I printed and copied as much as I could of two previously approved charter applications as fast as I could. Everyone was very nice and I had asked in advance if I could bring M but I think they were a little relieved when I took my squealing girl back out the door.

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