Sunday, November 2, 2008

Marathon Weekend

Lately, every weekend seems like a marathon of birthday parties, soccer games, grocery shopping, church, church school, homework, playdates, etc., etc., etc. but this weekend was actually also the New York City marathon and we got to see some of addition to our regular marathon.

Friday night was Halloween and was a marathon of trick-or-treating and candy eating. We ran into tons of neighborhood friends and some some very imaginative costumes. I vow that we will make our own costumes next year! Maybe I'll even dress up myself.

On Saturday Mark was managing a graffiti cleanup for the area that he works in so I was on soccer duty. Mark dropped C off at his practice and I walked over later arriving just as his game was ending. He had a great game and I was sorry that we missed it but I couldn't get everybody going THAT early. We played with some of his friends at the playground, ate lunch and went to P's game two hours later. At the end of that game...we played with more friends and then started walking home through the park. It was really gorgeous and we ran into another friend of C's (from school) and his family. The kids had a great time playing in the mud and throwing sticks in the lake and I really enjoyed talking to our friends. M was so agreeable the whole time. We left the house at 10:15 and got home at 5 p.m so that was a marathon soccer game and playing day. The boys and I walked the whole time and they didn't even complain.

Sunday...we vowed to find some time to just relax. We went to mass at 9 a.m. and arrived 5 minutes late. It was "Fall Back" but we were still late. We watched the marathon while C was at church school. It is always so inspiring to see all the people running...young and old, men and women, for themselves or for a cause, from around the world and from right here in NYC. We all cheered the runners that had their names printed on their shirts. Next, we picked up C and did some grocery shopping, ate lunch, tidied up, did some laundry, homework and finally we sat down to watch a movie as a family. The boys picked "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". We fast-forward the scary parts but I still don't think I'd let them watch it if I wasn't such a vintage Harrison Ford fan.

Everybody is in bed now. I still have four loads of laundry to fold.

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Such a cute swing pic!