Friday, November 7, 2008

Another milestone.

Today was another step in the end of the leukemia chapter of P's life. He has his bone marrow aspirated. A long needle is inserted into his hip (while he is under general anesthesia) and 2 mls. of marrow are drawn out. He hasn't had his marrow tested since the first month of treatment, September 2005, and a relapse is usually detected through symptoms and blood counts before a marrow aspiration. Anyway...his doctor said that they do it as an ending and confirmation that he is cancer free. We will get the test results on Monday. He will probably have one more blood count that day to confirm that his immune system is recovering fully now that he is off chemotherapy treatment. P will see his oncology team every six months for a few years but basically Monday will be his goodbye. He still does have to see the surgeon that will remove his mediport and then have the surgery in early December. He is a bit worried about the mediport removal. He doesn't remember a time before he had it feels like part of him rather than a foreign object that has been implanted in his chest. He plans to keep it! I hope the surgeon lets him.

Everyone (including me) in New York is so happy about our new president-elect. The city is in a good mood.

K wants to make colorful cookies tomorrow. I think she means sugar cookies with different colors of frosting. I really should vaccuum and do laundry but cookies does sound like alot more fun.

I am up way too late...but I really NEED the quiet alone time.


WilinskisinItaly said...

I am so happy for Patrick! I am sure it is also great not to have medicines, etc to worry about too! And dr appts in the city...but that is less shopping opportunities:(

Give Patrick a big hug from us!
Love Susan and Steve

Vickie said...

Yay to no more treatment! That's brilliant news, you must be overjoyed.

Kawena said...

Yaaaay!!! I'm really excited for you all :) Thanks for sharing this blog with us!

Christy said...

That is fantastic! He looks so good in that picture.