Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Day

We had lots of fun plans for games, picnic, our neighborhood ArtMart (an art fair) and nursery school tag sale.

P woke up with a fever and his oncology team advised us to take him to the ER. P and I took the subway to lower Manhattan and then, because of train repairs, a cab to NYU Medical Center. We went to the pediatric floor first to get his mediport accessed and blood drawn. That part went fine. They gave us the blood vials and said to bring it down to the ER where we would register, send in the blood and he'd either get some IV antibiotics and be sent home or be admitted depending on his blood count results. Our nurse was, at first, unwilling to accept the blood that had been drawn in pediatrics. I told her that our oncologist had advised us to do it this way because the ER staff usually don't want to access mediports. The blood came back fine. Yay! Our nurse didn't want to administer the antibiotics through P's accessed mediport. We consulted with the Dr. who advised the nurse to do as I had said. Next the nurse didn't want to de-access the mediport and I advised her that she or someone else would need to do it before we could go home. Again...Dr. asked me how much heparin she should use to flush it. Yikes!

P was very tired and not feeling great but he was entertained by the Iphone and looking at a toy catalog that I brought along. Seriously...he is the best patient ever.

After 4 hours in the hospital...we were released and went to have a snack while waiting for Mark and the girls to pick us up. Big brother C stayed in Brooklyn to finish his soccer game and go home with friends.

I had never left M for so long during the day and my "milkmakers" were definitely missing her.

We finished the beautiful Fall day by picking up some Chinese food for dinner on the way home.


Vickie said...

Poor little boy! Glad to hear all is well and that he was super patient.

gatorgrad1991 said...

He looks like he feels terrible :( Fun times at the hospital, huh? When Alvin's mom was receiving chemo, the nurses didn't even use heparin to flush her port, EVER. She had some complications and finally Audrey told her mom that she needed to insist they use it.