Monday, October 6, 2008

Medical Monday.

The good news...P had his final IV chemotherapy today. 3 years, countless blood counts, examinations, weigh-ins, up and downs, spinal taps and prayers. We are getting close to the end of treatment. November 3rd is the final day of oral chemotherapy. A final bone marrow aspiration and then removal of his mediport and he will be DONE ...except for check ups.

The bad news...he is sick and his ANC (immunity count) is dropping. He got more IV antibiotics today and will need more tomorrow if his fever isn't gone. He just has a regular kid illness but his immuno-suppressed body can't handle it the way other kids can. He is staying home tomorrow and has requested a Star Wars movie marathon.

M was an angel at the Hassenfeld Center and charmed everyone she met. K was very happy to see us when we picked her up from school. I was very glad that she was able to go to school instead of coming to Manhattan with us.

I know it is cheesy but I can't help but dress my kids in matching least for now...while they are too young to mind. P seemed perkier at bedtime but his fever was still 101.5. I'm thinking cool thoughts.


MemaSteffi said...

You have had a long day, but tomorrow will be better and the next better still. Beautiful photo of the four little children. I hope the Star
Wars moviethon cured P from his fever. Soon time for fun in the country. Mema

Vickie said...

I hope that fever comes down super quick. LOVE the matching PJs, they're adorable!