Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sisters, Botanical Garden and Mema!

I bought this outfit for M last year shortly after I found out that she would be a girl! I couldn't resist it even though I was months from meeting my new baby. It is somehow hard for me to believe that she is here and wearing it now.

K could not be more adorable with M. She talks to her, plays with her and asks to hold her all the time. She does try to boss her around once in awhile ...but she gives up when M just rolls over and smiles at her. I must admit that we were a bit fearful of what K's response would be to her new sister but the first year is going pretty smoothly. K is more independent, adaptable and easy-going than she was before M got here. I can't believe how articulate she is becoming although I can't think of a good example of it right now. She does seem to have a strange obsession with lip gloss and is now begging for something scary called the "spa factory" where you can make your own lip gloss. She's not even 4 yet! She leans in and whispers...."I really want the special oils...Mom." She also LOVES the zoo and Botanical Garden which is great because I love those places too.

Mema is visiting for the weekend and we celebrated her birthday (belated) with an apple crumble...that I made from apples from my parents' apple tree. The kids ALWAYS love a birthday party and Mema seemed to enjoy it too.


Christy said...

The spa factory made me giggle.

Vickie said...

Hahaha "I really want the special oils". She's so cool!