Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first post!

It's late and I should be in usual. This blogging stuff is harder than I thought!

I'm having deep thoughts about education in our country and in our city and wondering what is best for my two oldest. They are happy at a HUGE "high-performing" public school. They are learning but I'm not sure they are being challenged in creative ways. I'm worried that the school caters to a small elitist population and serves less adequately the largest part of its body. I'm wishing that my neighborhood public school was an option. I wish that teachers and schools weren't measured so heavily by the standardized testing scores of the students.

Should I send K to kindergarten next year or send her to another year at her incredibly nurturing, imaginative, expensive pre-school?

I guess I should turn "One Life to Live" off and go to sleep.

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WilinskisinItaly said...

Hey Lara! I am your first FAN. I don't have much of a comment just wanted to say hi!