Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy to be Inside

It is sunny but COLD outside and K, M and I are SO happy to be home for the day! Mark is picking up C and P so we don't have to venture out at all.

Yesterday was a different story. I was on the road from 8 am until 4 pm with children in tow. P, M and I set off for Manhattan through the newly fallen snow. Wind was blowing in our faces and we were cold by the time we got to the end of the block and went into the subway. We warmed up for awhile at P's oncologist office. His blood counts were all normal. Yay! I had been worried because he has lost weight, had a couple of fevers and seemed a little tired. I'm always thrilled when I find out that I am worrying for nothing.

The three of us walked from 3rd avenue across town to 6th avenue to get a faster subway back to Brooklyn and take P to school. Okay...I admit..we made a quick stop at H&M to return some furry booties that wouldn't stay on M's feet. The snow wasn't really accumulating but it was still blowing all around. We got to school at 12:30 and then M and I had 2.5 hours to kill before picking C and P back up. What to do? There isn't really anywhere to just hang out indoors and we couldn't go to the playground. I decided to go and check out the clearance sales at the "other" Target (not my usual one). The 35-minute walk there took me past Brooklyn College which was a flurry of activity for the "State of the City" Address given by Mayor Bloomberg.

M had some milk and I some coffee, we walked around Target and then set off back to the elementary school. By this time, the sun had come out and the wind had died down but it was still cold. I felt like I had been out in the weather for days by this point but C and P were thrilled to play in the snow when they got out of school. I must be getting old.

Back to the subway to go towards home and pick up K from her pre-school. She wanted to know if I had the car outside. Ha! I do have a license but I NEVER drive in the city.

We got home at 4 and the kids wanted hot chocolate. I was exhausted so I gave them a chocolate truffle instead and sent them to the basement to play. I do make hot chocolate sometimes though!

Anyway...yay for a day inside. We made cinnamon cookies this requested by K. She needs her purse to make cookies. See photo.


MemaSteffi said...

I am shivering just thinking of you out braving the frigid elements for so many hours!

Vickie said...

Your house looks gorgeous with all that snow! Looks like the boys had a great time in it too.

catherinelarahart said...

you have cute children